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Stop the Worry Habit and Start Living Today!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

"Most people live - whether physically, intellectually or morally - in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon which we do not dream"

~ William James

One of the main objectives for myself as a hypnotherapist is to invite people into a healing environment where they can recharge, reset, reinvigorate and replenish mind, body and spirit. I create a platform for them to get in touch with their own inner resources for healing and that means letting worries go. I then instruct them to 'dream a healing dream', in other words I help guide them into that magical state otherwise known as 'hypnosis'. In this peaceful environment and relaxed state, people can find the answers in the deep resources of their inner minds. We have all the answer we need deep down within us, in the wealth of information and inner 'knowing' that lies in our subconscious minds. In this sense everyone is his or her own healer. What I do is simply facilitate the process that allow my clients to engage in that process and thus make very profound changes within themselves. The possibilities are then limitless.

One of the most amazing things that hypnosis can help people do is to change habits and behaviors. One of these is 'worry'. But what is worry and how does it start? The average person runs about sixty thousand thoughts through his/her mind per day. 95% of those thoughts are the same as the ones thought the day before. Those people who think the same thoughts every day, most of them negative, fall into bad mental habits. Rather than focusing on all of the good in their lives and thinking about ways to make things better, they are captives of their past. Some people worry about financial problems or relationships gone wrong. Studies have shown that 97% of the things people worry about never happen anyway, but yet they continue to run their minds in this way, allowing worry to rob them of our life force, and thus blocking the enormous potential of their minds to work magic and deliver into their lives all that they want, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Life is way to short and precious to waste it worrying over little things, little annoyances, most of which never happen anyway. Worry then becomes a habit. But you can change it it using hypnosis, meditation and other methods. Compare negative habits to a crystal that has become filled with dark energy....imagine washing the crystal is sacred water, cleansing away all the negativity until it is bright and clear...this is what hypnosis will do. And then it's bye bye worry!

As Norman Vincent Peale once said 'You can if you think you can' and this is so true. It is essential to work on our thoughts before we take action, for our realities are the results of our inner thoughts. If you don't believe you will be successful and accept it then will be right. If you worry over the outcome then same result! but you can, if you exercise will and persistence and mental calmness, think your way through anything. Your great tool is your 'mind'. Not your 'conscious mind', but your 'subconscious mind' that you can effortlessly access in the hypnotic state. With your subconscious mind you have the power over all conditions and circumstances and over any problem however difficult! Yes you can if you think you can! Start to see your mind for what it is - natures greatest gift - and know the truth about you is magnificent and you have already all of the answers and resources within you that you need to stop worrying today and start living! Start today developing new positive thoughts and with some persistence and repetition they will soon develop in to new positive habits and behaviors.

My 3 session hypnosis program will help you change habits and behaviors and open doors to positive thoughts, habits, behaviors and success. Call now on 086 8211677

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My name if Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at 086-8211677 or check me out online at or Facebook at :

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