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Pain Managment

The management of chronic pain can be helped greatly by hypnosis. Hypnosis has been widely used for centuries in this area. Mind-body medicine is an evidence based modality for reducing pain. Hypnotic techniques are based on neuro-scientific brain plasticity theory and our experience in helping my clients take the suffering out of chronic pain.

Pain of 'fear of pain' automatically create a 'flight or fight' response reaction. The experience of 'pain' and discomfort' is mostly a reaction to neurological 'signals' based on our prior conditioning, stress levels, emotions, beliefs and expectations and how we process them. Beliefs and expectations automatically signal neurophysiologic reactions, as evidenced by the placebo effect. Fabrizio Benedetti found that morphine was up to 50% more effective when patients knew it was coming. One of the problems with chronic pain management is that the brain habituates to pain-killing drugs, requiring higher and higher doses. Hypnosis works in a different way, causing the brain to stop responding to pain signals.

Hypnosis by-passes the conscious mind and communicates with the subconscious mind, which can stimulate ideo-reflex responses that automatically promote healing, relief and changing behaviours, promoting comfort and wellness, taking the suffering out of 'pain'.


Dr Milton Erickson, one of the world's leading lights in the use of clinical hypnosis used his skills to manage his own chronic pain from the two bouts of polio he suffered during his lifetime. So whether it be fibromyalgia or joint pain hypnosis can help you too!

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