Weight Loss

Being at your ideal weight is very important for your overall health and well-being. Research has now shown that hypnosis is an effective tool to use in order to control weight long-term.

Hypnosis helps you to (automatically) eat when you are truly hungry, eat smaller portions, make healthier food choices and increase exercise.

Dieting alone will end in failure for most people, because the old programming is still there. Hypnosis breaks the old patterns of behavior and introduces new positive patterns of behavior to the person – reprogramming the subconscious mind.

My Weight Control program is tailored towards the needs of each client individually and covers all aspects of weight loss from when, how and what you are eating, to activity and exercise, to increasing motivation, self image, confidence and more. Fully commit to the program and follow my instructions and you will achieve success.

Will I require one session or more?


My Weight Control with is 4 sessions, over 6 weeks and has long-term results. It’s an effective and natural method of controlling weight. Pop singer Lily Allen has recently been successful in controlling weight with hypnosis, going from a size 12 to a size 8. You have the capability to be successful too!