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Weight Reduction

✅ Hypnosis is the most effective way to reduce weight. It helps you to eat when you are truly hungry, eat smaller portions, make healthier food choices and increase exercise and motivation!

✅ Clinical Studies Show a 95% Success Rate

✅ Dieting alone will always end in the long run...what does work is a complete change of mindset towards food. To successfully lose weight, and keep the weight off, you need to change your attitude towards food altogether. Hypnosis will help you do this by breaking the old patterns of behaviour and help you establish new positive patterns of behaviour. You will immediately find yourself making healthier and more mindful food choices – reprogramming the subconscious mind = PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.

✅ My Weight Reduction program covers all aspects of weight loss, from when, how and what you are eating, to activity and exercise, to increasing motivation, self image, confidence and more. The program is 3 sessions, over 3 weeks and has long-term results. Once you commit to the program and follow my instructions and it will be 100% effective and successful for you.

✅  Whether you wish to reduce weight for health reasons, or to increase happiness or you wish to do it for your family or loved ones, whatever the reason, you have it within your power to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. The many benefits of losing weight include having more energy, vitality and motivation, feeling more confident, healthier blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and more.

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