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Stress Removal

Simply put, stress results from thinking negative thoughts. In the current economic climate negative thoughts are abound and many stresses result. Studies have shown that 75% to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are related to stress.

Hypnosis can alter negative perceptions, reactions and negative behaviors to situations that cause the client stress. Stress may be a reaction to people, places, events, or things.

Learned behaviours that trigger people to automatically respond to negatively to situations that result in stress. Hypnosis can help people eliminate these learned responses and negative patterns of behaviour. Their inner minds can be re-eductated to react differently with new positive behaviours.

Stress is the cause of many more negative habits and behaviors. Stress can also lead to debilitating depression, excessive smoking, overeating, anger, grief, and similar reactions. With hypnosis toxic emotions as a result of stress can be brought to the surface and released.

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