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Famous People that have successfully used Hypnosis

Over the years many famous people have benefited from hypnosis, from sports people to movie stars, to pop singers to royalty.

Hypnosis has been used going right back to the 1970s. In 1973 Muhammad Ali was beaten by a boxing underdog, Ken Norton. Ken was a 7-1 outsider. When he broke Ali's jaw, he claimed his historic win was due to the hypnosis he practiced before the fight. More recently, golfer Tiger Woods has used hypnosis from the age of 13. Woods would visualize being triumphant and successful. And of course what the mind believes the body achieves and he realized that success.

In the mid-1970s Sylvester Stallone had been battling to break into Hollywood as an actor for ten years, and then suddenly out of the blue, ‘Rocky’ was born. Not many people know that he was helped by one of the most famous hypnotists of all time ‘Gil Boyne’. Gil Boyne recalled: ‘Stallone came to see me on the recommendation of other actors that I helped through self-hypnosis.’ Gil told Stallone, ‘There’s a wonderful story to be written about the many great fighters who started their careers in the old Philadelphia fight clubs and I believe that you can write that story. Maybe that’s what you are really meant to do. Then I explained how self-hypnosis could help him to express his creativity and develop the confidence to do it.’ The seed was sown and Stallone was on his way to stardom. Within six months Stallone had written the script for ‘Rocky’ and the rest is history. More recently actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have used hypnosis to stop smoking. Singer Adele received hypnosis to keep her calm in the run up to her performance in the 2013 Grammys. The songstress famously suffers from severe stage fright, but using hypnosis helped her deliver a top performance. And Adele isn’t alone. English singer-songwriter Dido said she also used hypnosis to overcome stage fright. She reported that ‘I went to hypnotherapy for stage fright and it completely worked’. Lily Allen is another pop singer who has benefited from hypnosis for weight control, dropping from a size 12 to a size 8 dress size.

A great example of the hypnotic state is 'day dreaming', where we are using our imaginations and subconscious minds. In fact Beatle Paul McCartney has always said that he literally woke up one morning hearing ‘Yesterday’ in his head after the tune coming to him in a dream. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones also said that he conjured up the famous riff to the song ‘Satisfaction’ in a dream. That is the wonderful power of the human subconscious mind, which is the source of unbounded creativity.

Over the years many of the British Royal Family has used hypnosis. Most recently Kate Middleton used it to end morning sickness, but long before Kate used it, Princess Diana was reported to use the technique to increase her confidence with public speaking and Sarah Ferguson used hypnosis to stop smoking and control weight. So it seems hypnosis has gotten to royal vote of approval :) ...well at least among the in law wives ;)


Hypnosis can help with stopping smoking, weight control, stress management, fears, confidence and much more. Of course, it can help regular everyday people with everyday issues, not just famous people. If anyone has any further questions, please see or call Trevor on 0868211677.

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May 17, 2021

Hey great blog about Hypnosis for smoking

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